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T-Zed Residential Campus Bangalore

Showcasing inventive techniques in energy efficiency, it is the first residential project acquiring certification of carbon credits & sequestration of the campus as well as its residents. Construction procedures such as reuse of topsoil removed during construction, largest utilization of soil blasted sand blocks and 10cm concrete blocks for internal walls, usage of granite dust for mortar, combination of wooden and natural stone flooring with rough hewn natural stone for external flooring in place of ceramic tiles form an integral part of the project.
The project propagates a zero food mile program wherein cement bags and containers are used to grow vegetables on terraces and sky-gardens in turn providing thermal cooling. The water cycle of harvest-conserve- recycle is judiciously carried out through appropriate waste water treatment, dual plumbing systems for using treated water in flush tanks, provision of recharge wells for recharge of existing bore wells & no impermeable roads.