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Sri Shakti Solar Processing Zone

Developed as a 'smart energy investment' scheme for the Rajasthan solar processing zone, the solar farm is an initiative in showcasing upcoming technologies in the field of solar power generation. Flourished with an array of adjustable solar panels the site is divided into sixteen fields, two of which rely on solar thermal energy and the other fourteen on solar photovoltaic. A central cooling substation serves the entire site, while transformers are provided for individual fields. Various measures have been incorporated into the conceptual planning of site in order to tackle the problem of desertification. Sand dune stabilization, construction a fore dunes, dew harvesting, introduction of vegetation and planting in open lands are some of the techniques explored and integrated. Planting strategy based on minimal water requirement of 0.1 to 0.5mm / day is applied. Typical plant species are identified for the open lands, periphery, internal edge, passages in between panels and spaces under the panels. These include medium height shrubs for controlling ground level speed of wind, draught tolerant trees, soil binding grass, ground cover vegetation for soil stabilization and small shrubs as erosion barriers.