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DilwaraBagh, Country house

A beautiful exponent of stone and earth construction set in a now luscious landscape of trees, flowers and garden art (originally a wasteland). The German architect GernotMinke (well known for designing high quality earth buildings) collaborated to design a country house for a family of art lovers using traditional Indian and energy-efficient architectural principles. It uses no steel or concrete and is made entirely from stone columns, beams and slabs, arranged into square and octagonal,slightly domical enclosures, reminiscent of the Dilwara temples in Rajasthan, with stabilized sun-dried earth blocks for infilling the walls. Local contractors were trained on the job in earth and stone construction. Wood panels were used for doors and window shutters, and the ornate columns and beautiful wooden doorat the front of the house are reclaimed elements once belonging toan old house that was dismantled to be sold in parts.